You are not alone

Co explore has been designed for people who feel there must be more to life but are unsure how to develop a new way of living. It provides an opportunity for people to stop, reflect, prioritise, plan and move in new directions.

This is achieved through one to one sessions in person, Skype / Facetime or by telephone – whatever suits you best.



What is Co-explore?

Life can be exhausting.  During our waking hours our attention is often absorbed with making a living, attending to family, keeping fit, socialising or being distracted by social media.


It is rare for us to take the time to step back and allow ourselves an objective look at where we are, ask ourselves where we want to be and strategise how we can get there.

It is difficult to do this on one’s own – either we do not give ourselves the space, ask the right questions, or engage with this in a structured way.

Co – explore can help you do this.  Is it life coaching? Well, in a broad sense, yes. Co- explore works best for people who are not primarily looking for material success rather for a richer relationship with the environment they live in,  with family relations, career, friendships and a desire to utilise their skills, passions and interests and integrate these into the very fabric of their lives.


Co- explore was developed after having gone through this process myself.  I was fortunate to find my way, but it demanded hard work and determination and a lot of unnecessary stumbling around. How much easier and quicker it would have been to have a co- explorer with whom to discuss and consult.

You can read about the building blocks of my new life in my blog I am and always will be exploring, this is a process not a total solution. But, I am a lot happier and fulfilled as a result of the paths I have taken.

My fees are flexible – I am interested in getting it right for you.  Conversations are conducted on a strictly confidential basis using the high standards I have adhered to throughout my professional life.

Sessions can be early morning, late afternoon / evening or at weekends. These can be by Skype, telephone or, for those people who live near enough, I can offer evening sessions in my workshop / studio – this is the premises that houses one of the income streams I have developed with my brother. To find out more please visit or see my blog.

Please feel free to email or give me a ring – I am happy to offer a free introductory session to enable me to learn what you are looking for and to ensure Co-explore is right for you.




I have spent most of my working life in various roles in the not for profit sector. I have a Masters degree in Development Management and have always been fascinated by the interplay of people and place.

In my twenties and early thirties I worked for over a decade with young homeless people in London and Brighton. This involved supporting them to find accommodation and, through using counselling techniques , enabling them to improve their self esteem and make life choices to gain employment and lead rich and fulfilled lives.

In my mid thirties I managed projects that supported refugees and asylum seekers –  in a state of complex and sometimes overwhelming transition I worked with them to navigate their new life and become active and fulfilled citizens of their new country.

When 40 I took a year off and worked with my brother helping him in his antique restoration and finishing business. I enjoyed this experience so much I have recently teamed up with him again, realising our childhood dream,  to set up a joint business Pierre & Dom –

Following this I spent a two years as a consultant working with organisations in the not for profit and for profit sectors in operational and strategic change processes.

For the past twelve years I have had the honour of working as Director of Partners for Change Ethiopia, a life changing organisation working to enable the poorest orphan children and their communities to rise out of poverty in Ethiopia and more recently Somaliland. I continue to work as a consultant for Partners for Change for two days a week.

I have learnt many lessons during my working and non working life. Of these a key learning has been that human beings do not have to be wealthy to lead fulfilled and happy lives.  Some of the happiest people I have met in my travels have, materially, very little but are rich in family, friendships and in their relationship to the place they live. This wisdom guides the Co – explore process.


Co- explore is the result of a process of change I underwent some years ago. I have written about it in a blog you can read here

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